“does anyone else-” yes

“am i the only one who-” no

“is it weird that i-” probably not

The Two EXOs


EXO-K Upper East Side Junmyeon “Junnie” Bass with his Ivy League Gossip Boys heading to the Hamptons for the weekend to take in a rowing match



EXO-M led by Kris Wuashington crossing the motherfucking Han River to storm some Gangnam designer shops


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I think your 20s are the hardest part of life. I mean, everyone goes on about how hard it is to be a teenager, but actually I think it’s tougher to be in your 20s because you’re expected to be a grownup and expected to earn your own living and be successful and I think you feel like a kid still.
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I actually can take a months worth of showers in the amount of tears tao has produced since debut

and he’s gonna ask you if he can shower with you in every single one of them

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My name is lucky boy: RAVI!


Title: Overheating
Author: goseum-dochi
Pairing: catboy!Leo/catboy!Hyuk
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~2600
Warnings: catboy AU, foreskin, felching
Summary: Sequel to So Hot.